Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi to launch Bharat Yatra from Kanyakumari

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Chennai, 30th August, Wednesday: The Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation announced that the Bharat Yatra Mr. Satyarthi will be undertaking to fight child sexual abuse and trafficking, will reachChennaion the 13thof September 2017. Chennai will host the Nobel Laureate on the 13th and the march will progress to and reach Vellore on the 14th of September.
The Bharat Yatra will flag off from Kanyakumari on 11th September and culminate in New Delhi on 16th October.
This Yatra, launched to work towards creating an India that is safe for our children, has received wholehearted support from the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.
Dr. Paul Bhaskar, State Coordinator Bharat Yatra- Tamil Nadu & Kerala, Devanayan-Chennai City Coordinator, Bharat Yatraand Dr.K.Abdul Ghani, Green Man of India and Member Tamil Nadu State ,Bharat Yatra Committee,were hosted at the Chennai Press Club, where they adressed all present, about the rampant problems of child sexual abuse and trafficking in the state of Tamil Nadu and expressed deep regret at the many cases that have recently come to light about the rape of minors by family members or close friends. According to NCRB and NFHS-3,child marriage is a cause of concern in Tamil Nadu with 2 ,15,212 girls and 1 ,64,763boys being married off before the legal age.
Additionally, between 2013- 2015, the number of missing children that were reported were 1 0,586. These numbers are merely indicative of the amount of child trafficking that takes place on these states, and that these children are then sold multiple times and forced to endure physical, mental and sexual assault, consistently.
Mr. Satyarthi has often expressed his concern about the fear that exists in the society to stop victims or their families from speaking up. This fear emboldens the criminals to roam freely and commit more heinous crimes, thereby ruining many lives.

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