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IMPCOPS LTD..CHENNAI-600041 We, the Indian Medical Practitioners Co-operative Pharmacy and Stores Ltd./Shortly known as IMPCOPS is a multi State Co-operative Society functioning under the control of Central Registrar of Co-operative Societies/Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operation, Government of India, New Delhi. Our institution was established in the year 1944 and we are manufacturing around 700 genuine Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani medicines and supply the same to Central and State Government Hospitals, Dispensaries run by Local bodies, Doctors and general public. Around 12000 Registered Indian Medical Practitioners are members of our /society and they elect Board of Directors once in 5years. In the Board election held in the month of July,2017, new 16 Board of Directors were elected and Dr.R.Kannan, M.D.(Siddha) is functioning as President of the Board and Dr.M.Suresh, B.S.M.S., is functioning as Vice President of IMPCOPS. The Government of Tamilnadu is taking serious and sincere steps to prevent spreading of "Dengu' fever among people. The Government advise people to take decoction of "Nilavembu Kudineer' to combat against TJengu' Fever. As part of its contribution to the Society, IMPCOPS distributes free "Nilavembu Kudineer" decoction to the general public in front of its Head office and all Sales Depots in Chennai (Westmambalam, Annasalai, Arumbakkam and Tambaram) Nilavembu Kudineer contains the following nine ingredients. Name Botanical Name 1. Niavembu -AndyoVaphis/Paniculata 2. Vilamichai ver -Coleus Vettiyeroides 3. Vetiver -Vetiveria Zjzanoides 4. Chukku -Zingiber Officinalis 5. Milagu -Piper Nigmm 6. Koraikizhangu -Cyperus Rotundus 7. Sandal -Santalum Album 8. Peypudal -Trichosanthes Cucumerina 9. Parpadagam -MolluMcerviana Nilavembu kudineer is also effective for reducing joint pain, joint swelling, muscle pain, headache and rashes associated with fever. We should drink 'Nilavembu Kudineer" decoction within three hours from toe7 time its preparation. Method; 5-10gms Nilavembu Kudineer churnam should pe added with 400 ml water and boil it well so as to condense it 100 ml and it should be taken two times daily before meals up to 50 ml at a time . The children between 3-12 years, pregnant women, and people with stomach ulcer shall take Nilavembu Kudineer decoction with consultation of Doctor. The ancient Siddhars have classified 'FEVER" into 64 categories. They call ( as "Marma Kaychal' . Nilavembu kudineer is a wonderful medicines for three doshas i.e, Vadha, Pitha and Kabam. According to Siddha the main cause of flevef is toxins, which can develop in the body due to either internal or external actors. Nilvambu formulation helps the body to fight off these toxins and naturally increases their elimination. Some of its ingredients also check the functions of the liver and improves overall health of digestive system. Nilavembu formulation has antiviral and antimicrobial action which helps to prevent and treat viral as well as bacterial infections. It acts effectively against "Dengu" and "Chickengunya" fevers. As such in order to facilitate the general public to purchase "Nilavembu "Kudineer" and to get benefit, we have decided to grant 50% special discount on the sale price of "Nilavembu Kudineer". Accordingly IMPCOPS sell "Nilavembu ""^Kudineer" medicine to general public at 50% discounted rate with effect from 09-10-2017 onwards. For requirement of 'Nilavembu Kudineer" and other medicines people may utilize our service ' 9710105678 / 9710205678 We seek your kind co-operation to publish this information in the Print and electronic media to enable the general public to come to know about it and to purchase-Nilavembu kudineer for their use.

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