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The cost of diagnosing disease should not make one poor that his treatment becomes unaffordable.
This being our vision when we began our journey from a small town in Kovilpatti in Southern tamilnadu. Today AARTHI SCANS has spread wings to two states sprawling as 20 diagnostic centres. It is the only diagnostic centre to have both NABII and NABL accreditation's in tamilnadu.
Managed by family of radiologists and the being the biggest partner of Siemens in India helped AARTHI scans have the best mri and ct machines which are at par with anywhere in the western world and give best reports 24x7. Not only are we present in big cities, but also in small district towns like Tenkasi, Rajapalayam and Kovilpatti.
One of our core values pertains to this to start diagnostic centres in places which do not have them and make sure the benefit reaches all sections. Treatment starts from diagnosis and when we diagnose disease accurately, half the treatment is completed thereafter.
When all diagnostic centres were charging 8000/- rupees for an mri scan, Aarthi scans cut the cost by 50% charging Rs 4000/-. We were still not fully happy and wanted to make sure no deserving patient should miss an MRI scan due to poverty. We started charging Rs 2500/- to all patients who came to us in the night.. These charges were lower than what was being charged by government institutions. Affordable healthcare provided in scans made us want to set focus on blood testing labs too.
Siemens which is the leader in manufacturing diagnostic equipments partnered with us yet again to install it's Aptio II automated track and make this the first fully robotic blood testing lab in India. This not only reduces testing time but also makes blood testing accurate and human-error-free.. Again our motto of affordable healthcare care to the remotest areas of Tamil Nadu makes us set imprints in every nook and comer of the state. With today transport facilities, it is possible to shift a blood sample from anywhere in the state to this robotic facility and deliver results the same day. A small village where an existing lab would be using age old Manual methods to test blood samples will be able to send blood samples to us since our test cost will be lower than their testing cost. This way we can make sure the most advanced blood testing technology reaches the remotest areas.. We will also be running our lab 24x7 so that we are always open when someone really needs us..

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