Chennai Hosts a One-Day Seminar on Trends and Challenges in Elder Care

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Amidst growing concern over elder care with widespread nuclear family system and changing lifestyle, the city hosted a timely seminar 'Trends and Challenges in Elder Care'. Focus was on Inclusive Living - Persons with Disabilities.
The Annual Disability Status Report for 2017 by Disabled World says, currently around 10 % of the global population, roughly 650 million people, live with disability. According to an estimate of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 80% of persons with disabilities (PwD) live in developing countries.
Integrated Eldercare Solutions (Care Finder), an elder support service provider, conducted the programme in association with Harmony-Celebrate Age - India's premier magazine for senior citizens.
Integrating care to living solutions, Building awareness on mental health and The Fallout of Loneliness were the key topics discussed. A short film emphasizing on the need for elder care and emotional support was screened.
Distinguished speakers, highly acclaimed in the areas of senior care, mental health and active ageing, addressed the gathering. Dr. K. Gangadharan - Founder, Heritage Foundation; Colonel (Veteran) Achal Sridharan, VSM - Managing Director, Covai Care; Dr. Sridhar Vaitheswaran - Consultant Psychatrist, SCARF;Ms. Arati Rajan Menon - Executive Editor, Harmony-Celebrate Age; Ms. Sabita Radhakrishna - Founder, Udhavi; Ms. Pavithra Reddy - HDFC Standard Life, New Zeal project and Mr. Ram U Muthangi - Founder, Apna Care, were among the key speakers.
"Today where Joint family system is increasingly disintegrating into nuclear families, the area of elder care - especially those with dependent children with disabilities - cries for utmost attention. There needs to be a mechanism where senior citizens along with their dependants are taken care. Retirement community homes integrating the features that support inclusive living such as Assisted care centre for seniors as well as dependents with disabilities, Care givers, Nurses and visiting Doctors, are slowly emerging. Co-operation of elders/parents will make this inclusive living model a success overcoming the challenges inherent like addressing the different types of disabilities and their unique needs and possibilities of child abuse, etc" said Colonel (Veteran) Achal Sridharan

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