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Chennai, 21 August 2018: Every one of us at Vistara feels deeply for all those impacted by the floods in Kerala. Kochi airport (COK) suspended operations due to flooding, and several of our Kochi team members have also had their homes flooded and had to move to shelters. We are truly saddened by the situation and by the loss suffered by so many.
We moved our Kochi operations fully to Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) on August 16 after Kochi airport suspended operations, with fares to and from TRV voluntarily capped at Rs. 10000 for Delhi (DEL) and Rs. 7,500 from Chennai (MAA) from the first flight itself on August 16. Our operations will continue to TRV at least until (and including) August 26.
We have been approached by various NGOs, charities and other organizations to carry relief supplies to TRV on our flights to TRV from Delhi and Chennai. We are partnering with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), India to carry relief material from corporate and accredited NGOs. CAF will liaise with us to coordinate such shipments, and can be reached at
We also welcome such requests directly from accredited relief organizations as long as they have logistical arrangements to drop the materials to Vistara at DEL and MAA and to receive the materials at TRV airport and transport further to intended recipients. We will evaluate all requests we receive and try to help in the best possible manner, subject to the above. Please email your requests along with supporting accreditation and logistical support documentation to to us at

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