Canara Bank Officers Association (CBOA) formed a movement named

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Canara Bank Officers' Association (CBOA), with almost 30000 members, is one of the largest Trade Union representing officers' community in the banking industry. CBOA formed a movement named "CANPAL" to bring together its members for a common cause and various social welfare activities are carried out under this banner.
Likewise to motivate the youngsters and channelize their talents for the growth of our Bank an initiative called "CBOA Think Tank" was formed to enable the youngsters to become problem solvers.
This youth conclave is being attended by more than 500 youngsters from various parts of Tamilnadu. The forum will, among others, discuss issues of concern to the bankers in the present juncture like Wage Revision, Privatisation, Rise in NPAs and the IBA Medical Insurance Scheme. With more than 70% of officers being highly talented youth who joined in the banking sector since 2009 after undergoing the rigorous eligibility test conducted by IBPS in all the cadre, the real wage requirement is to be understood in different perspective of attracting and retaining such talents.
The salary revision of Bankers is due from 1.11.2017. Government of India advised the banks to settle the wage revision through their communication in Jan 2016 itself. The trade unions had submitted their charter of demands during 2017 well in advance separately for tor the officers and employees.
There was delay in commencement of talks itself and the wage revision is negotiated on percentage increase and IBA has increased their offer from negligible 2% to paltry 6%. Our demand is to fix the wages on the principles of MINIMUM WAGES AS ADVISED BY INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION AND INCIDENTALLY ADOPTED BY 7th CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION which also has been demanded by the trade unions in the Charter of Demands submitted to IBA. Public Sector Banks have largely lent to various long term infrastructural projects like
Power, Telecom and Transport for development of the nation which comprise majority of their Non performing assets. Government's Policies and Provisioning Norms of RBI play a vital role in either increasing the NPA or improving the profitability. Similarly, RBI's Prompt Corrective Action imposes restrictions on a Bank's lending, which is its lifeline for survival.
A mere tweak in the provisioning or PCA norms can make or break a Bank. Banks are registering operating profits which is a measure of their performance but are undone by /provisions leading to losses or reduction of Net Profits. So, the entire issue of NPA can be concluded as a mere technical issue and we demand that the factors employed to decide the NPA status of the accounts need to be revisited and the prudential and provisioning norms should be altered to suit the Indian politico, socio and economic conditions.
IBA Medical Insurance Scheme implemented since 2015 is proving to be a strain on the banks as well as the retired officers. In the last three years premium has been increased by the insurance companies exorbitantly and almost three to four times of the initial premium without any increase in the sum assured.
In addition to this Banks have to provide additional funds by way of buffer fund as well as settling of claims exceeding the sum assured in deserving cases. We demand that the Medical Insurance scheme implemented by IBA should be scrapped and the scheme should be managed by individual banks as was done earlier.

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