Kanchi Kamakodi Childs Trust Hospital How MRCPCH Examinations are Conducted ?

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Patients expect their Doctors to talk to them in detail about their medical problems and communicate to them in an easy to understand language. If the patient is a child, Doctor should be able to communicate with the child whether it is 1 year old baby or 14 years old teenager.
But are Doctor trained to communicate with sick children and parents ?
And are they tested whether they are good or not ?
Well, the MRCPCH(Member Royal College of Pediatric & child Health) is one examination which tries to achieve exactly that. In addition to testing doctors on various clinical skills& medical knowledge it tests young pediatricians on their communication skills.
The Examination is an objective manner so that fairness and uniformity is achived. That is one reason why MRCPCH degree is reconised worldwide. Previously, prospective child specialists who want to add MRCPCH degree next to their names had to go to UK to take the exams.
But now it can be taken in Chennai itself.
How MRCPCH examinations are conducted ?
Any Indian Doctor with a basic undergraduated medical degree (MBBS) with 3 years of working experience is eligible to take up this examination.
The examination process consists of Theory examinations (part I and part II), followed by clinical Examination. How this MRCPCH examination in india is helpful to Indian Doctors ?
Previously, Indian Doctors had to go to UK to take these Examinations from the year 2011 onwords, These Doctors have been able to write the theory exam and also appear for clinical examination in india itself.

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