First time in the Medical history with surgery, 32 year old woman could walk after 18 years

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First time in Chennai

* She was afflicted with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis

* Doctors did surgeries on both feet, ankles, knees, hips and wrist

* Noble hospital Chennai performed this successful surgery

Doctors at the Noble Hospital, Chennai have made it possible for a 32 year woman to start walking after both her hips and knees were replaced with artificial joints. She is at present a software professional and working as an Educator, teaching School children through internet from home. She was afflicted with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, a condition which affected all her joints at the age of 15 years. Her hips, knees and ankles were affected making it impossible for her to walk. Her elbows, wrists and fingers were also affected making it impossible for her to write. In spite of her disabilities she continued to study and qualified herself to become an Educator.

But she lost hope of walking again and was helped by her Mother for all her needs. She met lot of Doctors who said that it is not possible to make her walk again.

Through a friend she searched the internet and news papers for a solution to her problem. She found an article describing a condition similar to hers and located the address of Dr V Singaravadivelu, Orthopedic Surgeon who has treated that patient. When She met Dr V Singaravadivelu who said that it is possible to replace all her joints and make her mobile again.

Dr V Singaravadivelu, Orthopedic Surgeon at Noble hospital, Chennai performed these successful surgeries in Chennai on a 32 years old patient. But for her to stand the bones have to become strong, muscles have to be strengthened. He told her thatshe has to learn walking as if she was a newborn and may take years. It will require lot of effort, perseverance and confidence. This has not been done anywhere else in the world and reported in the literature and we will be doing it for the first time in medical history.

On this occasion patient said "I am very happy that I am able to walk after 18 years. We must have the 'Never say die attitude' and keep trying harder till we reach our goal. It is also for people who keep complaining about small things and not trying hard to achieve their goals."

The treatment started 3 years ago and underwent surgeries in both feet, ankles, knees, hips and wrist. There were lots of unexpected complications and surgeries during the treatment. This is the saga of that girl who underwent so much trouble and turmoil in her life, but now she is able to stand and walk independently on her own.

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